Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing with Alvin Greene – Andros Island, Bahamas

Andros Island Bonefish

A Bonefish on the Fly

Fly fishing is an art form and there is no better quarry for the fly than bonefish. Fly fishing for bonefish is, in my opinion, the most exciting and satisfying form of angling as they frequent shallow water flats, ideal for sight fishing and their speed and acceleration is awesome. Fly fishing is also great fun for tarpon, barracuda and jacks.

There are hundreds of square miles of perfect flats within a short run of Mangrove Cay, where I’m based. I will pole the flats from my raised platform and when fish are sighted I will help you land your fly in the idyllic position to encourage a take. I will describe the distance to cast in feet and the direction using the face of a clock as reference, with 12 O-Clock dead ahead of the bow point, 9 O-Clock at 90 degrees to the bow and so on.

I recommend tackle in the 7# – 9# class for bonefish and ensure you have at least 200 yards of backing and a good drag on your reel as you will need it for the bonefish you will fight on Andros. Other species require 10# up to 12# if targeting big tarpon or sharks.

To cast your fly to a visible fish, watch the take, set the hook and then hold on as the fish tears towards the horizon is a feeling that every angler should experience.

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Lovely bonefish from the West Side

Lovely bonefish from the West Side